Individual Counseling

Most of us do our best to continue to grow and develop into the kind of men and women we think we ought to be. 


You’ve likely been doing the best you can with what you have, but the honest reality is that we are often stuck in patterns that evade resolution. Breaking free of addictive behavior, moving out from under a depressive cloud, or working through past hurt that is effecting you and those close to you is no easy endeavor. What you may be missing is some help. 

You may have even tried counseling before, or have had family or friends have negative experiences trying to work through issues.

I'd like to be a part of making this experience what it is meant to be. Investing our time, money, and energy into pursuing healing and wholeness is truly worthwhile, but can feel like a lot. As someone who knows what it means to experience difficulty, I seek to come alongside those I work with to address the reality of their situation so that you can grow 

All of us want to know that we are loved, and that we have worth and value in the relationships we are in, but so many of us struggle to experience that reality. It is far from over, but moving from where you are at is a difficult, active, and intentional process.


If you are ready to address what is, in order to enjoy what could be, I am here to help.

It will entail addressing the hurt, pain, and difficulty that exists as honestly and completely as possible, but if you believe that doing the hard thing is worth it, you are in the right place. I want to help.


Please give me a call or send me an email so we can get started! 

Take a Step Towards Hope, Healing, & Restoration

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