Life Coaching

As a Certified Professional Life Coach trained in a program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I enjoy offering services to anyone that may be interested in improving their life quality and satisfaction. Coaching is different from counseling as coaching is less in depth and provides support and immediate motivation in a variety of situations. The purpose of coaching is focused on managing life’s stressors and implementing an actionable plan to moving yourself forward to experience life to the fullest.

I am open to coaching anyone that may be interested, but my focus is working with those experiencing life transitions or needing personal empowerment.

Areas of Focus:
Career/Academic Development
Coping with a dysfunctional family

Personal Empowerment
Maintaining sobriety
Domestic Violence
Divorce/ Parental Alienation

Developing coping skills
Exploring self-identity
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Relationships with Cluster B Personality Disorders (Narcissism, Borderline, etc).

These populations generally experience a lack of validation and damage to their core identity. My goal is to collaborate with you in providing on going support with your goals of adding direction and purpose you desire.

Specialized Training:
Master in Marriage and Family Therapy
Certified Professional Life Coach
Domestic Violence Advocate
New Ways for Families – High Conflict Divorce/Co-Parenting
Personality Disorder: The Challenges of the Hidden Agenda
Plural Recover: Evidence Based Relapse Prevention for Couples

Coaching can take place over the phone, by video, in the office, or out in nature. This service is available to anyone, regardless of location.

Clients in Oregon will have the opportunity to choose engaging in tele-therapy for additional, more in-depth counseling purposes if they desire.

***Coaching is a separate service provided by Riverbend Family Counseling and is not considered a replacement for counseling or therapy.

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